Fast Glass is a production which squatted the bottom inside perimeter of the CSULB Fiber Hut, also known as the Art Annex or building # 70107. This modular, temporary by nature, had long outlasted its intended lifespan, demolition impended.   
Fast Glass
is conducted by The Purple Woman, a bodiless entity from the future and/or the past, a hyperobject, who is temporarily visiting to assist us in the passage of time. In the production, she employs various altered relics from recent past. They are stationed throughout the assembly to affect the materials which travel through production with their newly unlocked powers. The Purple Woman has selected these influencers and the materials which they influence for their inconspicuousness. Kitsch and disregarded people and events hold the capacity to travel and work without raising suspicion.

The “product” produced by Fast Glass is receptive space for you to look at you in the now and imagine you in the future. Upon leaving the installation, you catch your reflection embedded in a room of purple light. The Purple Woman hopes that you can perceive that the only thing separating now and future is your perception of time. Fast Glass allows one to time travel. Fast Glass is a time machine, and by occupying liminal space, was itself a race against time.