APRIL 15th

The detritus of her purse become the walls of a human-sized clear plastic purse. Her
notes, receipts, and scribblings are an entryway into her/ into the purse. The purse contains gigantic eyeglasses and oversized crumpled Kleenex. Across the room from the purse is an entryway table with a clock hanging above it. The clock, the table, the things on the table (games? mementos? their functions are unclear) are all stained dark walnut.
Time is a place.
My mother was 34 years old when she gave birth to me on April 15, 1983. Precisely 34 years later, on my 34th birthday– April 15th, 2017, she died. The unmistakable concurrence of these events led to the unearthing of other, subtler coincidences. If desired, any happenstance can be forced to relate to another. Coincidence can be contrived.  
:AOL was introduced in Japan on April 15th 34 years after the Chiffon’s song “He’s So Fine,” was #1 on the Billboard. The Los Angeles Dodgers played the San Francisco Giants in the first California baseball game on April 15th 34 years after the Rand McNally Road Atlas was published. The bottle opener was invented on April 15th 34 years before an annular solar eclipse, which lasted 4 minutes and 11 seconds. The first person to walk backwards across the United States did so on April 15th 34 years before the NFL changed their penalty flag from white to gold. Color television began broadcasting on April 15th 34 years before In Living Color debuted on Fox. The RMS Titanic sank on April 15th 34 years after Ivory soap hit the market. Ivory soap’s slogan is “the soap that floats.”
In recorded history, there are over 400 “newsworthy” events which took place on the 15th of April. There are approximately 20 “holidays” that recur each April 15th. Were April 15th a museum, the sprawling marble entryway would be lined with the names of its one-time contributors and the (rarer) continuous donors.
Those events have previously been recorded linearly, but removed from their timeline, they begin to form other relationships. Synchronicity and chance provide new gateways by which to travel. Quite similar to how our own memory works, time transforms into a rhizome; it abandons logic and is instead guided by the parameters and portals of parallels and reminders.
History becomes the readymade.
Some persons connected via the wide web celebrate “Motha Fckn Nic Cage Day” [sic] each April 15th. Coincidentally, I hope, one April 15th, actor Nicolas Cage was arrested in New Orleans for alleged domestic abuse, battery, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness. During the time of VHS production, Cage acted in 40 films. You can select and play the video of your choice. Please rewind it when you are finished. Time is another place.